State Brewing Co., Right Kinda Love, Oatmeal Coffee Stout on Nitro

*Now tapped* We chose 50lbs of super aromatic Groundworks Brazilian Single Origin organic coffee and cold steeped it into our Oatmeal Stout. 

We then proceeded to lose our friggn' minds by adding 75 lbs of Fresh and Toasted Coconut along with 25lbs of Macadamia Nuts.

What we have here is a dance of North and South American proportions. A fluffy oat base with a smooth, roasty and straight up cold-brew like depth in the mid-palate; this is all balanced perfectly by lush, toasty coconut with a touch of nuttiness on the finish. 

This isn't just waking up.. It's waking up to the Right Kinda Love! Available On Nitro soon!

3 weavers bottle cap.png

Figueroa Mtn., Rice to See You-Unfiltered Belgian Single with Jasmine Rice

Rice To See You was brewed in collaboration with our good friends at Three Weavers Brewing Co in Inglewood. This interpretation of a Belgian style Single ale has aromas of stonefruits and citrus. The texture is fairly dry and refreshing. Gentle flavors of lemongrass and lime zest team up with light crackers at the beginning of each sip. The finish is short with the essence of lime and gentle toasted jasmine rice character. This beer is very floral and extremely refreshing. It is always rice to see good friends and share stories over a well deserved pint!


Noble Ale Works, Naughty Sauce Stout on Nitro 5.4% ABV

*Now tapped* We worked together with Portola Coffee Lab for this paradox. It’s a stout beer made with oats and milk sugar, coffee instead of roasted grain and then pumped full of nitrogen in order to add even more creaminess! Full bodied, deep golden in color, with smooth and flavorful layers of pecan pie, cinnamon and cookie dough.


El Segundo, 5lb Sledge Hammer Double IPA, 9.1% ABV

*Now tapped* Enormous and complex, but somehow also delicate all at once. With 5 pounds of hops per barrel, the massive hop load does well to hide the booze.



Smog City, Hoptonic IPA, 7.3% ABV


San Fernando Brewery, O'Melveny Red Ale 7.5% ABV

*Now tapped*Flavor is sweeter and less hoppy than many red ales. Straightforward, simple caramel malt. Low bitterness.


Solarc Brewing, Session Gruit 5% ABV

*Now tapped* Flavorful ingredients of chamomile and elderberry create balance in this beer. The outcome is a light and floral brew that is at once familiar and unexpected and  is both drinkable and worth spending time with. Get to know your local Session Gruit!


Congregation Ale House, Our Daily IPA * NOW TAPPED*


El Segundo Brewery, White Dog IPA, 6.7 ABV

*Now tapped* We consider this the OG "Hazy" IPA. 50% Wheat gives a dense haze and smooth body yet finishes dry. Nelson Sauvin provides a juicy, grassy and dank hop profile.